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Creative Workshops


Spontaneous creativity is as important as 

math skills. Kids feel a lot. It's normal! They have millions of thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions a day.


A Creative Workshop offers to open a space for them to express themselves.   

My Creative Workshops create the environment for kids to get in touch with their own creative sensitivity using pastels and colors. I help each of them notice their natural inclinations so they can embrace them and develop their own creative process.


At the same time, they use colors to release what's going on inside: feelings, tensions, emotions. A Creative Workshop helps them relax and bring them to a peaceful mindset.

Choose your workshop

Release Feelings with Colors

A creative workshop helps kids to take a step back and peacefully acknowledge what's going on inside. We use colors on paper to explore and release feelings, so they are not hidden inside.


This practice offers a true moment of freedom to say anything that comes to mind in a unique way! 



Portrait Workshop

This workshop encourages observations and develops detail oriented skills. With a step by step guidance, kids explore their own way of looking at faces and expressions.


Customized workshops

I am happy to customize a series of workshops that will support kids into exploring their creative personalities.


I can offer several themes and step by steps guidance to animate special events or after schools activities. 

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