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Creative Workshops

My Creative Workshops give people the space and guidance to discover, explore and strengthen their own creative process.

Many of us think that creativity is reserved to a certain kind of people but I believe that creativity is in everyone. It only needs the right space and guidance to blow!

Creative Workshops at Work are a way to improve self-confidence and self-estime within a team. Teammates learn to trust the process. They surprise themselves. They see each other being creative and innovative. They develop new interactions. They deeply relax. All that while having tons of fun!!

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During a 2hrs workshop, teammates use colors to release their stress and tensions bringing them back to a peaceful state in the workplace. 

Colors are used to explore team interactions and dynamics resulting in a more effective communication and new ways of bonding.

Custom Workshop

Each team is unique and different. For this reason, I offer custom workshops to fit your specific needs! Reach out to me directly so we can chat about a format that would work just for you.