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My story.

My name is Marine Futin.

I am a French singer songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. 


I moved to New York 10 years ago to record my debut album "Qui Danse" (2015) at Flux Studios. I co-produced this album with Magda Giannikou (Banda Magda), featuring my favorite players in the city such as Ziv Ravitz, Or Bareket, Nir Felder, Justin Stanton & more. I have performed this album in venues like the Blue Note, the Apollo Theater, or the United Nations. 

I am now ready to record new music!!


I am working on 3 songs as of now - and I have 6 more in the pipeline. I am planning to release each song every 2/3 months, starting in September 2023. 

Which every song, I want to shoot a cool music video.


My goals.

Here is my plan regarding budget.

If I reach:


  • $10,000: I will mix and master my first single "Bouge" + I will finish the recording of "La Mer" & "Douceurs"

  • $15,000: the above + I will shoot "Bouge" music video

  • $20,000: all of the above + I will shoot "La Mer" music video

  • $25,000: all of the above + I will shoot "Douceurs" music video

  • $30,000: I will record the next 3 songs: "Face à toi", "Mon Feu" & "Besoin de toi"

  • $35,000: all of the above + 3 more songs = an album!!

  • $50,000: all of the above + I will hire a PR and a tour manager so we can play live shows in the US and Europe


From $25 to $5,000, there are contributions for everyone!

You can support the project by buying a print or an original drawing from my latest collection.


You can ask for a song to be recorded, or meet me on FaceTime for a 15mn singalong. I could even come to your living room and play a live show!


Even better, an in-person VIP soirée either in Paris or New York for a night full of surprises!

Why a Kickstarter?

So I can dream big!

I am an independent artist. Meaning, there are no labels, production companies, or else behind this project. Only me!! I like that freedom, that's how I get creative, and that's very important to me.

But god, recording music and making videos is expensive!!  

Your support make it possible to do everything at once, and to not compromise ... this is BIG!

To give you an idea, it costs around $3,000 to record one song in New York.

  • Studio fees : $1,200

  • Players ( 3 or 4 players per song): $1,200

  • Mix: $300

  • Mastering: $300


A music video costs at least $5,000.

  • A filmaker : $1,500 

  • The studio : $1,200

  • Lights: $500

  • Make-up : $500

  • Post-production : $1,200 

I will record those songs eventually, but it can take me 1 year,... or 10! The more funding I receive, the faster I will produce the songs and the music videos, so this project stay coherent and meaningful.

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