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Marine Futin


Exploring emotions through music

and paintings.

As a multimedia artist, I embrace different mediums to explore. Each of them has a special place and rhythm, a cycle of its own.

Words, sounds, colors complete each other. They are a language to explore diversity. Tools to unite and assemble what seems to live apart. 

Vibrations of sounds are a way to feel a mood, an emotion, something unique that resonates with all.


Discover the debut album QUI DANSE and book your tix for upcoming shows!

My creative process is a lot about listening. Getting lost in sensations. Forgetting the noises. Encountering diversity. Choosing the right medium that will inspire the expression. 

Feeling the texture of the paper. The dust of the pastels. Enjoying messy fingers.


Discover the different collections made with pastels and mixed medias. 


Bring art home! Shop reproductions, originals, or order special commissions.

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